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Shadow Dancer

Went online last evening to AFK for 3 hours in order to get the free Race Change voucher… So I killed some time with making screenshots. I had been inactive in both TERA versions and I plan to continue to do so. 


Our 1 day duration swimwear…  ╥﹏╥
But 2014 summer for Male Gon looks better than this lol


After being neglected for so long (many months), I decided to take on Summoner (again). This time, I am determined to level her with my annoying bf in the background. (ง •̀_•́)ง lol But totally zero determination to level my Blade Master to 50 at all. 

Splurged on a uniform costume yesterday… To pair with Nayu! She is like my senpai~ (●´□`)♡ Whom noticed me. lol

Fooling around with new skills, completed main story quest (again) and got the 18M ranged skill. Got all the Master Glyphs I needed somewhere in the week and… I am ready to be an inferior imitation of my boyfriend. Ehe. Two more levels to go with Nayu. The new mystic skill looks interesting. Butterflies. A lot of butterflies.


❤ Happy ✧ 8/8 ✧ Birthday ❤

Today is my Boyfriend’s birthday so this post goes all out to him. (*ノ▽ノ) God Bless and shall it be a great day today for OLD MAN KYEROS!




Got the costume template earlier than I expected… So I bothered Nayu to make screenshots with me on her Mystic. 啊啊啊———— 为什么那么可爱的?! \(//∇//)\ I cannot wait to clear the story quests and level up with this pink fluff ball of cuteness. lol

Super LAZY editing of my little girl trying her best to imitate her “Papa”, lol. Ding’ed 60 on Berserker (yay for solo-levelling) and going for 65 this Thursday with Nayu's Mystic or whenever she is free… We scheduled to do it yesterday or tomorrow during the weekend but I did not really feel like it if my Berserker didn't have his costume… So… Thursday morning, I'll have enough coupons.


My boyfriend gave his Destroyer an Appearance Change. But now his character is WAY MUCH taller than mine so I’m suffering getting proper screenshots. I really like the 2014 summer wear for Male Gon… \(///Σ///)\