I really liked the new hairstyle for the Harvest Festival so I needed to buy it… (⊙︿⊙✿) and the X’mas dobok too. 

Many love and thanks to my Onee-san who bought me the Seren’s Night School Bundle! Senior Hirari and Junior Peignoir on an excurison at the Rootstock Festival Ground. (๑◕ฺ‿ฺ◕ฺ๑) 

Me with Onee-san after helping me sweep through the Sinestral Manor. (Thank you~!) I have officially quit the European servers of TERA as well. My reason being that I see no more future there with the horrible management and I have tolerated enough. However, my interest in TERA is gradually dying so I am taking it slow in the North American servers, having no plans to rush to 60.


昨晚买了鬼门服装~ (*´・v・) 个人比较喜欢《해왕》的…

柳天 for KYE

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Shadow Dancer

Went online last evening to AFK for 3 hours in order to get the free Race Change voucher… So I killed some time with making screenshots. I had been inactive in both TERA versions and I plan to continue to do so. 


Our 1 day duration swimwear…  ╥﹏╥
But 2014 summer for Male Gon looks better than this lol


After being neglected for so long (many months), I decided to take on Summoner (again). This time, I am determined to level her with my annoying bf in the background. (ง •̀_•́)ง lol But totally zero determination to level my Blade Master to 50 at all. 

Splurged on a uniform costume yesterday… To pair with Nayu! She is like my senpai~ (●´□`)♡ Whom noticed me. lol

Fooling around with new skills, completed main story quest (again) and got the 18M ranged skill. Got all the Master Glyphs I needed somewhere in the week and… I am ready to be an inferior imitation of my boyfriend. Ehe. Two more levels to go with Nayu. The new mystic skill looks interesting. Butterflies. A lot of butterflies.

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